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Published: 2016
FREE Companion Portfolio book contains ideas for the Second Year ‘Oral Communication Task’ and space to record a ‘Collection of Student’s Text’ for the Third Year AssessmentExcellent prescribed play option for classes not studying ShakespeareThis new and exciting edition of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest offers a student-oriented guide to the complete text of the play, with in-depth act overviews, review questions, activities and exercises.
The accompanying portfolio provides each student with a place to collect and log their learning as they move through the play.
This edition embraces the spirit of the new Junior Cycle by promoting students’ active involvement with the play as a drama to be explored, performed and enjoyed.
With a strong emphasis on oral language, performance and creativity, this beautifully illustrated edition is suitable for students of all levels of ability and provides a wonderful introduction to Wilde and the Victorian period.
This edition contains:
• An introduction to the author and play
• In-text icons tracking the main themes of the play
• Action summaries
• An in-depth act overview
• Review questions
• Activities and exercises to encourage active exploration of characters, themes and the language of the play
• Projects created to help pupils prepare for the Oral Language and Collection of Texts assessment tasks.
The accompanying portfolio offers students the opportunity to:
• Map the plot of the play
• Comment on the play’s characters in the Character File section
• Explore aspects of Wilde’s language and style
• Complete student reflection notes for project work.
The edition also contains a section on examining the play, which includes:
• Study notes on characters and important themes
• Guidelines on how to approach examination questions.