Project Maths Solutions – LC Higher Level


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Published: 2019

Author: John Brennan

The Book contains All exam questions and complete solutions from 2010-2019 including all sample papers and all NCCA trial papers Also included are (i)Solutions to 8 years of question 9 (further probability) from the old course this question is very similiar to new Project maths inferential statistics and probability questions. (ii)The Financial Maths Files :The complete course on Financial maths is covered with lots of questions and solutions.You can teach yourself financial maths using this set of notes on your own (iii)Functions (strand 5) A complete set of notes on functions,everything you need to know about functions.Lots of examples. We have also included notes on rates of change,Max/Min and Integration. (iii)Statistics notes including the central limit theorem,Null Hypothesis ,Correlation coefficient and line of best fit.We have included a set of notes and examples on the calculation and use of p-values (which were examined for the first time in 2018) (iv)We show you how to use your calculator to find mean,standard deviation,correlation coefficient,equation of the line of best fit,change numbers from rectangular form to Polar Form , finding prime factors ,significant figures. New set of notes on quadratic sequences. We also have included a “must know ” file for both papers and advice on what topics are still on the course and what have been removed. The format is the question on left hand page and solution and marking scheme on the right hand page. The solutions are by topic as a result give a clear overview of the syllabus. There are over 530 pages of information ,solutions and advice on project maths higher level. To see sample solutions follow the links below