Starways – Pennys Second Book Of Facts

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ISBN: 9780714413266

The fourth Fact book has 8 Chapters in the Table of contents, a Picture index and an Alphabet index as follows:

Musical instruments – (The magic fiddle is the link for this theme). Big cats – (Androcles’ adventures with the lion prompt this chapter). Storms – (A storm caused the electricity to be cut off in The mobile phone story). Help and rescue – (Kate’s bravery managing the emergency in The mobile phone story prompts the theme for this chapter). The honey bee – (Icarus tried to fly but his wings melted). The seashore – (The O’Connor family spend a night on an island and this gives the basis for a closer look at the seashore). Houses and homes – (The haunted house prompts this topic). The seasons – (Proserpine’s effect on the seasons is the basis for this theme). Picture index with selected items for the child to refer back to as he/she uses the book. Alphabet index will be a tool for the teacher to encourage the development of the child’s dictionary skills through Second Class.

Class: First Class, Second Class