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Revision Books for College Students

Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we have a wide range of products to suit any student going back to school or throughout the academic year. We even have a selection of products to suit third level college students. Our range of Make that Grade revision books are a great extra learning for college students who are beginning revision for exams. You can find a selection of Make that Grade books that cover a wide range of subjects on our site. Here are some of our most popular Make that Grade books;

Make that Grade: Human Resource Management

A perfect revision tool for a business student. This book outlines the challenges of managing employees within the context of the changing economic environment  Reflects current developments in HR practice. It contains mini case studies with questions used throughout the text to encourage problem-solving and class discussion. Revision questions are provided at the end of each chapter  Written with a clear focus on the learner. 

Shop Make that Grade: Human Resource Management here.

Make that Grade: Management

Updated edition of this well-established, concise text on the theory and practice of management in Ireland. Written with a clear focus on the learner, with revision questions provided at the end of each chapter. Students studying management as part of a degree or diploma programme. 

Shop Make that Grade: Management here

Make that Grade: Marketing

An overview of marketing principles and concepts, updated to reflect the challenges of the global recession. Presented with clearly defined learning objectives and revision questions at the end of each chapter. Written with a clear focus on the learner.

Shop Make that Grade: Marketing here

Make that Grade: Economics

Provides instant access to key economic facts and concepts. Simply and logically presented with test questions included at the end of each chapter. Written for those studying economics as part of an undergraduate diploma or degree, students of professional exams and postgraduate diploma students.

Shop Make that Grade: Economics here

Make that Grade: Irish Company Law

A fully rewritten edition of this popular text on Irish company law incorporating the Companies Act 2014, which replaces all previous Companies Acts. This book can be used by students throughout the year as a summary of topics or as a revision aid at the end of the course.  

Shop Make that Grade: Irish Company Law here

You can shop all of these amazing Make that Grade books for third level revision and so much more at SchoolBooksDirect

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