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The Best School Bags to Suit Your Child

By now, back to school shopping is in full swing. Most of us are running around like headless chickens trying to remember everything on our lists and hoping we have all the right books, copies, stationery etc. Usually, school bags are the very last item to even cross our minds. Sure the one for last year will probably do, won’t it? It’s not until the last week in August that we pull out last year’s school bag to realise that a) there is definitely some remnants of a day’s lunch in there and b) the bag won’t cut it. Not to worry, SchoolBooksDirect has got you covered. You can shop our entire range of school bags from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered straight to your door. 

Here are some of the school bags that we would recommend here at SchoolBooksDirect;

Shellbag Forest Fox Pre-School School Bag

These Shellbag bags are a great option for any kids in Playschool all the way up until Senior Infants. They are not too big so they will be able to carry them, even if they are full of books or toys! The quality of these bags mean they will last them until they eventually need a bigger bag. Shellbags also come in a range of fun designs that they are sure to enjoy. We especially love this Forest Fox design! 

Shop Shellbag Forest Fox Pre-School School Bag here

Wildlings School Bag – Blue

Another great and fun option here! These Wildlings bags come in a range of different colours so your little one can choose a character that best suits them. Wildlings bags would be perfect for students in Playschool all the way to students in Second Class. They are a bit bigger, so they will hold more books which might be suitable for older students. The fun designs means they are sure to be a hit on their first day back! 

Shop Wildlings School Bag – Blue here

Ridge 53 Bolton Navy & Blue 32L School Bag

Ridge bags are better for older students, specifically those in Third Class and all the way through to Second Level. They are bigger in size and more durable which is perfect for holding more books and lasting a few years. 

Shop Ridge 53 Bolton Navy & Blue 32L School Bag here

Freelander SuperGirl Multi-Compartment School Bag

Freeland bags are perfect for Playschool to Second Class students. They are smaller in size but extremely durable and will last. They also come in a range of designs and colours to suit all ages and interests.

Shop Freelander SuperGirl Multi-Compartment School Bag here

Shop all of our school bags here at SchoolBooksDirect and make back to school shopping that bit easier. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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